Happy Labour Day - AKA Happy Work New Year

Labour Day is the un-official Work New Year. HAPPY WORK NEW YEAR. And here’s your resolution: to be effortlessly chic and professional all work year! Use this as an opportunity to introduce a new/ revised you. Fresh and tanned from summer, with a few new experiences under your belt, now is time to elevate your look. Here’s some inspiration to get you started. good--form style.

Photo credit: Nordstrom

Skirt: Here

Boots (on vibe) Here

Coat (close enough) Here

Top (this one works too) Here


Photo credit: Stylish Gwin Africa

Bag (close) Here

Skirt (but in Gucci, ooooo)  Here

Sweater (because you spent all your $ on the skirt) Here


Photo credit: New York & Company

Dress Here

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