Nudes For All!!!!

Have you ever Googled “Nude Heels” just to find a bunch of beige shoes? And unless you happen to be beige, left your search session feeling disappointed and a little undeserved. Well, try googling “Nude Trench Coat”, or “Nude Blouse” and experience those feelings swelling by ten. For me, anger quickly swept in, as  realized “Nude” wasn’t meant for or targeted to me. As a woman of colour, I’ve been left out. A few more searches here, and several candid conversations there, and I quickly learned, I’m not the only one. In fact, if skew just a bit from Heidi Klum, or even just a smidge off Kendal Jenner, your likely to going to have to settle for black shoes to go with the multicolour dress.

I got tired of searching for “brown” shoes, clothing, accessories. Faster than I get tired or reading long blog posts. So I created good - - form. A place where can all find our “nude” heels, and a place where we can love the skin we’re in.

I hope you enjoy this blog. Learn lots. And of course, find great fashion in your nude colour.

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