3 Female-Founded Places To Get A Hair Wrap For Under $98

Ever woke up to discover your beautiful blowout from the day before has left you in the night, only to be replaced by the limp mess you paid $50 to eradicate the day before. Or that frizz has now taken the place of sheen, and the only thing you did was go to bed? Well, your hair prayers have been answered. Silk and satin hair wraps have been around forever...but not all communities have been aware of the hair-saving abilities these simple sleepwear for hair items possess. Here are 3 female-founded places you can get a hair wrap that is beautiful, protective, and won’t break the bank. Bonus, keeping your hair off your face at night can give you better looking skin, as the natural oils and product build up on your hair can cause acne and breakouts. Better hair and skin are just a slip-on away.

You Go Natural

Looking for something easy that you can just slip on before bed? How about before brunch? How about before a date!!! With You Go Natural’s pre-tied, satin-lined head wraps you get just that. Look put together while you keep your hair together in one simple slip-on step.

Bonus: They have t-shirt turbans, so you can look effortlessly chic while protecting your hair. Super Bonus: Each hair wrap is handmade. 

Grace Eleyae 

So you have a massive amount of hair and you used half your rent money to get it styled. Night comes and your exhausted. Is this the night you finally master sleeping without moving an inch. Or even better, sleeping sitting up? Nope. This is the night you slip on a satin-lined cap and wake up feeling like you’re the smartest person on the planet. And not only has Grace Eleyae created a cool line of satin-lined caps you can wear straight to brunch, but they have an extensive line of ball caps, hats, scrunchies, and headbands that will take you to brunch, winter, and Paris. Bonus: they have kids stuff too. Super Bonus: they have pillow cases that will not only rescue your hair but your skin too. Super Duper Bonus: They have an entire silk line too.


Made of the finest 100% mulberry silk, ultra-chic and comfortable to wear, these hair wraps are a game-changer. If you’re into looking like a million bucks while you sleep, these are for you! Or if you just want to look like a million bucks without having to put a brush in your hair, or you’re too lazy to change out of what you wore to bed, or you hate mornings, or you’re just ‘over it’ but still want to look like you sort of care, even though you don’t, but if you run into your nemesis from high school you want her to look at you and know instantly that you’re ‘over it’ but your life is so snatched that you still look amazing, these are for you.

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